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We Serve Bloggers

Bloggers and other web writers and journalists have a unique opportunity to transform their online content into a published book that can be shared  beyond the internet to their fans and followers. Books can also expand your reach to older audiences or people who have not discovered blogs. Your blog represents a unique point of view. We can help take your content and create a high-quality book that creates a tangible collection of your work. You’ll also reach audiences that prefer reading physical books, or who don’t spend much time online.

Equip Press is a division of Outreach, Inc., the largest provider of church outreach products and services in the world. Our unique marketing and promotional network gives you an effective way to expand your ministries and grow your platform. We’d love to help you grow beyond your current audience and give you a way to reach new readers.

    • Unique reach to Christian pastors and church leaders who may share your information with their congregation or other pastors. We do this through Outreach’s integrated marketing using our magazine, ten websites, and email newsletters that reach millions
    • Custom book cover design by award winning designers
    • Copy editing
    • Professional interior layout
    • Electronic file maintenance for perpetuity
    • USA bookstore distribution through Ingram
    • 70% royalty on the net price of your book
    • Greater financial return when your book is sold on our Churchleaders online store.
    • Targeted social promotion to our thousands of highly engaged Facebook audiences
    • Leading eBook technology and a partnership with Amazon Kindle and all other ebook formats
    • and much more
  • See the pricing page to see all of the benefits of publishing with Equip Press.

Custom Add On Packages

  • Ad in Outreach magazine. $750-$2000 depending on size and issue
  • 500,000 optimized web advertising impressions on our most widely viewed web sites
  • Global print distribution to 30,000 booksellers worldwide $25
  • Bookstore catalog advertisement in The Christian Advance that goes to over 10,000 bookstores and libraries $170
  • Four color vinyl banner $300
  • Other printed marketing resources
  • Additional levels of editing as needed
  • Email Blasts–prices based on size and frequency of the blast
  • Possible warehousing and distribution of case lots

Ask your publishing consultant for additional  details.

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