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Equip Press is a division of Outreach, Inc. which owns over ten websites including SermonCentral.com, ChurchLeaders.com, ForEveryMom.com and more.

We’re the only Christian book publisher reaching millions of visitors every month through our websites and helping promote your book beyond your own church. Isn’t that what you’d like to do?

We’re not just a self-publisher,  we’re focused on helping you achieve the Great Commission. It’s even in our Mission Statement!

This means that when you publish your book with us, you’ll get a quality book that you can be proud of as well as encouragement, prayer, and years of Christian publishing experience behind you. In fact, because we’re a Christian publisher, we exist to equip the church to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want to expand God’s kingdom and would be honored to be your book publisher. If you think your book supports our mission, we’d love to hear from you.

Together, we can make a Kingdom impact!


We only accept and publish books that promise to equip the church to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our advanced publishing technology means your edited, typeset and beautifully designed book can be in your hands in less than five months.


We have unique access to millions of pastors and ministry leaders that is unmatched by any other publisher in the industry.

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You’ve done all the hard work by writing your book.

Let us take care of the rest.

Marketing Campaigns

We reach millions of pastors and Christian leaders through our websites — more than any other company or organization in the world.

High Quality Books

Fast, on-demand, professional printing at prices you can afford, with a minimum purchase of only 100 copies. Your book will look as professional as any book in a bookstore. You’ll be proud to show it to your church and friends.

Efficient & Accurate Typesetting

Using our proprietary formatting tools, we can typeset and lay out a 500-page professional trade book in 48-72 hours.

Amazon Marketing

Effective management of your book’s presence on our Churchleaders Store and Amazon.com to maximize your exposure.

Complete Title Management

We manage ISBN assignment, bibliographic and metadata, title usage, list price, and worldwide territory management.

Integrated Marketing

We leverage our multiple marketing tools and channels to sell your book, including publicity, banners, and direct-mail.

Highest Royalties

With our online ChurchLeaders Store, you will receive a larger return than books sold through Amazon. Receive 70% of the net profits from the sale of your book, making you a good steward of your resources.

Professional Cover Design & Copy Editing

Custom book covers created by award-winning, experienced designers.

Leading Ebook Technology

Our platform converts and connects your eBook to all the top players in digital distribution.

Our specialized publishing programs for pastors and church leaders leverage the world’s most powerful faith-based brand, Outreach, Inc. As a division of Outreach, let us come alongside you and become your partner in publishing. You don’t have to do it alone. We take the “self” out of self publishing!

“You are a part of the family. Choosing Equip Press for my first book was one of the smartest things I have ever done.”

“They were willing to connect me to others to forward the sales and distribution momentum. I will be publishing my next book with them. Over 10,000 books sold!”

Vince Miller

Thirty Virtues that Build a Man

I love working with Equip Press. They did a marvelous job of producing my book, helped me with editing and did an amazing job on my cover. It was easy to work with them because they were available to answer my questions and genuinely took an interest in me and my book. I have already recommended them to other authors.

Gracie Travis-Murphree

Journey To Justice

Articles & Resources


Here are four reasons why (almost) every pastor should write a book and self-publish.


A lot of preparation and intentionality goes into making sure your nonfiction book isn’t a confusing jumble of thoughts, but a precisely aimed arrow that hits the bull’s-eye. The key to accomplishing this is by creating a book outline.

How to Promote Your Self-Published Book Without Being Annoying

So, you’ve written a book and published it. That means, in the bluntest of terms, you need promote your self-published book. You need to to sell people on it. Without driving them crazy. Here’s how.

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