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Study Guides are instrumental in helping people grow in large or small group settings when they accompany any book, your book, or your sermon series. Your community of believers can dig deeper into your valuable messages for additional insights that will richly enhance their Christian growth. Study Guides enable people to experience a greater benefit than they would by simply by reading a book or listening to the sermon series alone.

Why not extend the impact of your book or sermons far beyond the walls of your city and church with Study Guides? They are portable, affordable, and even timeless so your message may be carried further than you ever dreamed God would take it.

Plus, Equip Press makes it easy and inexpensive to produce Study Guides. Equip Press has years of experience publishing Study Guides for pastors like you. We offer several trim sizes for Study Guides, and they come with our award-winning high quality cover graphics.

We offer a wide range of bindings, interior, and cover options. Our sharp graphics and crisp text make it virtually impossible to distinguish our digitally printed books from offset copies. Once published, we can print and ship Study Guides anywhere in the USA, and to most of the world, in just a few days.

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