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God uses your sermons to impact and change people’s lives every week. As God’s messenger, wouldn’t it be great if you could package your favorite sermons into a Sermon Book to bless even more people? Your visitors or church members will cherish a printed compilation of your best sermons--whether they are on a specific topic such as God’s love or the holiday messages that you’ve preached over the years.

You’ve worked and studied hard to prepare each sermon. Spread your sermons’ influence with a Sermon Book! When you publish your sermons, you expand God’s message beyond the walls of your church and city. Sermon Books can be printed in a standard trade size or as a small sized paperback book. Whether big or small, your words and our attention to detail and cover graphics, will make this a permanent part of your church members’ home libraries.

We offer a wide range of trim sizes, bindings, interior, and cover options. Our sharp graphics and crisp text make it virtually impossible to distinguish our digitally printed books from offset copies. Once published, we can print and ship Sermon Books anywhere in the USA, and to most of the world, in just a few days.

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