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According to studies, 90% of Americans feel they would like to write a book someday. When it comes to pastors, our guess is more like 99% who believe they have a message to share in a book.

And why not? When a church leader like you is able to publish their message, it multiplies the ministry and influence beyond the walls of the church. Certainly, some may be content to share within their own small community, but imagine the impact if readers worldwide could read the Gospel through the multitude of expressions and communication styles represented by those same pastors. So what stops them?


Until recently, the process of getting a book published meant writing several sample chapters, drafting a proposal, submitting it to a publishing company that might look at it, finding an agent, and a host of other things that existed in a world most people don’t have time to learn. At least this was the case until a few years ago when the world of book publishing radically changed.

One of the biggest shifts of the Internet Age is the freedom to share ideas and products with the world for very little money. Bands can produce their own music and put it on SoundCloud. Comedians start their own YouTube channels. Film directors can host their short films on Vimeo. And for those in the print medium self-publishing has gone from a nearly unheard of option to an effective way to produce high-quality books. For instance, the recent movie The Martian starring Matt Damon was based on a hit self-published book. In 2015 Wal-Mart put its first self-published book on its shelves, Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Redemption. Self-publishing is a growing industry that’s here to stay, and for those in ministry, it has never been easier to create and publish a book, small group guide, or devotional series than right now.

For years well-known pastors have turned their sermon series into the books you see on the shelves in Barnes & Noble. Through self-publishing, you can do the same thing with your sermons and put it on your church’s website or in the foyer. Or maybe you want to write a small group guide to go along with an outstanding sermon series. Self-publishing enables you to make a quality resource you can get in the hands of your small group leaders in a reasonably short amount of time.


Maybe you have a book idea you’ve been working on for years – self-publishing means you don’t need to go through the publishing company world to make that happen. Self-publishing enables you to control your product from start to finish, from cover design to the content to whether or not you want to have a picture with your smiling face on the back cover.

Self-publishing can still feel intimidating, though! Where do you start? How does self-publishing work? The good news is Equip Press can help answer those questions. The most difficult part of the process is writing your manuscript; the publishing step is relatively easy.

Equip Press can help you decide on a cover, whether you should publish a paperback or an e-book, set your price point and if you need it, they also have options to help market your book to a massive audience of ministry leaders through the Outreach Web Network.

In other words, this is the perfect time for you to take that content you’ve been dreaming of and turning it into a finished book. The process is quick, easy, affordable and a great way for you to get your ideas out into the world!

The easiest way to get started is to download the free Self-Publishing Guide from Equip Press. The guide helps you understand the basic steps in the publishing process. Plus, it comes with a free self-publishing consultation. Download the guide today to get started!